BVD understands that time and budget are essential keys for successful projects. Whether your project is small or large, we will help you to develop a successful plan to ensure your time and budget. As a part of the comprehensive planning services, we offer an initial site visit to set the course of the project. After the initial site visit, a detailed site analysis is done, which is very important during design.

Structural Design

Landscape design

Our client-oriented approach ensures that your landscape design project will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Through our design process, we explore multiple budget options, fine-tune around selected materials and provide a fixed bid before work begins, ensuring that there are no hidden costs for you as we move into construction.

Construction cost analysis

We will review all Construction Documents, specifications and construction costs after tendering out to bid accurate cost estimates from subcontractors and speciality services for each construction phase and discuss with you the various specifics upon receipt of those estimates. We will review all contracts for construction costs, terms of insurance and liability and payment schedules to subcontractors. We will propose a detailed and comprehensive scheduled timeline of the construction phases based on the Scope of Work.

Site supervision

Our professional supervision ensures that work is executed with a high level of quality and matches all agreed plans. Our construction site supervision services can be complemented with comprehensive quality control services. This guarantees that the materials used, all equipment and systems are of good quality, function well and conform to the standards.

Project Management

Project Management begins at the groundbreaking and continues through the completed project. We will coordinate all design solutions with both on-site meetings and Construction Documents through the completed construction and installation of all speciality millwork and finishes. Any site-specific measurement, layout, mock-up sampling and discussions on exact sizing and locations of speciality work are provided on an as-needed hourly basis.


Based on a turnkey basis, construction projects range from single buildings to large-scale developments. BVD provides you with opportunities to make decisions throughout the project and to make changes as needed. We have the prior responsibility to execute and deliver the project within an agreed time and budget.